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Responding to a Journalist Request
Responding to a Journalist Request

How to answer a Journalist Call-out

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If you have received a Journalist Request on Press Loft that is suitable for one of your products, here are a few ways you can respond:

Send your images via your Image Library

When you have received a journalist request, you'll be able to send your images directly from your Image Library on Press Loft, saving time and energy! When you send your images via Press Loft, the journalists will receive your high res-image, your product info, stockist information and contact information – everything they need to write their article. The images you have sent will also save the data in your Download Report for your future reference. 

To send your images to a journalist, simply login to your Press Loft account and select “View Journalist Requests” on your dashboard, choose the request you wish to reply to, and press “Send Images”. 

You will automatically be redirected to your image library. Simply add the images you would like to send to the journalist to your basket using the + button.

The journalist's email will already be saved as a recipient, so don't worry too much about that!

Send your images to yourself via the Image Library
(relevant only for clients with an image library in their membership) 

Want to utilise the benefits of the Image Library method but send the email directly yourself? Follow the above steps but instead insert your own email address as the recipient. This will then log the activity in the Download Report for your reference and will email you all the information ready to go, which you can edit as you wish and forward on. 

Email journalists directly
Alternatively, you can also respond to a request personally using a regular old email, to the email address provided for you in the alert.

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