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Who will receive my press release?
Who will receive my press release?

What happens to your press release once it is submitted on Press Loft

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When you submit a press release on Press Loft, someone from the team will first check that the content and images on your press release is ready to go and will submit your press release to our network of journalists.

Depending on your international settings, you have the option to choose whether you would like to send your release to national or international journalists. 

If you ship internationally but wish to send the release to certain countries only, you can untick the countries you don’t want to contact as a last step before submitting your release.

Journalists can choose whether they would like to receive press releases in real time, or in a daily summary so your press release will be delivered to the journalists that matches your settings.

Where is my press release after it is sent?

Your press release will be visible on Press Loft here:

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