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What happens when an image is downloaded by a journalist?
What happens when an image is downloaded by a journalist?

Details on image downloads from the media

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When a journalist downloads one of your images from your Press Loft Image Library, they receive a copy of the captioning information along with the image in high resolution. 

The high-res image, product details, your contact information and the stockist details are all provided to the journalist, meaning they'll have the information they need to credit you appropriately in their feature.

How do I know what images are downloaded?

You will receive an instant email notification advising you of all the information, including the expected issue date of the feature (when known) and the journalist's contact information.

Where do I check what images have been downloaded?

You can find the list of all downloads and associated information via your Download Report which can be accessed within the Images area when logged in.

Do I know if my images will get published?

Journalists are not obliged to reply or to send a confirmation of the final coverage but we recommend keeping an eye on your download report for upcoming feature dates and buying the publication in question to keep an eye out for a feature.

Our team also does some press coverage tracking ourselves and you may notice a notification email from time to time as we spot you in the publications we are reading!

Who will be credited if my image is used?

The brand will always be credited if the journalist uses one of your images - it's part of our T&Cs!

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