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Adding Clients [PR AGENCIES]
Adding Clients [PR AGENCIES]

Adding clients and assigning managers on PR Agency accounts

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You’ve just secured a new client with your agency and you want to make their images available to the press quick-smart? Not a problem! From the PRESS ROOM OVERVIEW

on your dashboard, simply follow the option for ADD NEW CLIENT.

Add the key information of the new client and select from the drop-down menu which of your team members will be the primary contact.

If you’d like to assign this client to a colleague who doesn’t yet have a PR User account, you can simultaneously set one up for them by filling in a short form.

Client cap

During the free trial you create up to 5 client accounts by default. If you'd like to set up more brands, just let us know and we can adjust this for you.

If you're a paying member, your basic membership will always include the first client.

Additional clients are only £50+VAT on our Essential, Standard and Premium memberships. For Start Up agencies, please contact us on or by using the chat function.

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