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I’m new to this, where should I start? [Brands]
I’m new to this, where should I start? [Brands]

Ideas for creating your first Influencer Outreach collaboration alert.

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If you’re new to working with influencers, a great way to dip your toes in the water is by sending a Collaboration Alert on Press Loft and offer to gift product(s) in return for a shoutout on social channels and/or a blog.  Influencers who are interested in collaborating with you will send you a pitch, and you can simply select the entries you wish to work with. 

What are your objectives?

What are you ideally wanting to get out of the collaboration? Some good backlinks to your product on a blog post? Increase your own social media followers? Subscribers to your email newsletter? Buzz around your product through social comments and shares? Perhaps you want to sell a particular product at 50% off? 

Media Channels

Select the media channels for the campaign that are the most beneficial to you and your business. (Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube etc) 

Entice influencers (help article)

Next you want to identify what you're willing to spend or give to the influencer. Do you want to do a sponsored post? Gift the influencer a free product to promote? Perhaps a competition for their followers? (or all of the above!) Typically the more you offer here, the bigger the influencer you will attract, which in turn will lead to a bigger audience reach.

Then, you will need to brainstorm what would attract influencers and also be the most interesting for their followers. Perhaps choose a bestseller or newly launched product to have reviewed, organise a workshop event with influencers, promote a product suitable for an upcoming event/season etc). 

Once you have defined these things, send a collaboration alert on Press Loft and start to receive pitches from our influencer network!

Tip - often the most successful collaborations happen when you give the influencer room to brainstorm creative content ideas that suit their own community, so that they can promote your product in a really authentic and genuine way. In your collaboration alert description, why not encourage influencers to message you with their own creative ideas.

Ready to give it a go? If you're just starting out, this article will help you navigate through the interface and the flow of Influencer Outreach for brands.

Would you like some help brainstorming ideas for your first Collaboration Alert?
Get in touch we’d gladly help.

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