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How much should I pay an influencer for a sponsored post?
How much should I pay an influencer for a sponsored post?

Deciding on a price point for sponsored posts

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Typically, sponsored social media, blog or youtube posts can start anywhere from 30 each (€, £, $), up to 1000s (€, £, $).

It’s a tricky one to define, as each campaign and influencer are very different, and the average followings can vary dramatically per country (eg top blogs in Australia average 50k unique visitors per month, whereas in Malaysia unique visitors are over 150k!) 

We have put together a rough guideline below to point you in the right direction:



Domain Authority       GBP      
Less than 15              30-100      
15-30                       100 - 300        
30-40                      300 - 500        
40+                               500+

This is a very rough guide and each price point you choose should also factor in things like:

  • The volume of work/posts you're asking of the influencer 

  • The credibility and quality of the influencer's work

  • The type of content they are creating. (eg video content often costs more than images, and a post with with professional quality photography and styling might be worth more than just sharing an existing brand's image.)

  • How engaged their followings are

  • If they are niche and suit your product perfectly

  • Location 

Their number of followers / Domain Authority isn't always a clear way to decide on the value, so we recommend leaving the minimum requirements lower on your collab alert and assessing each influencer individually.

Tip - If you’re still unsure on an exact price point, you could leave the sponsored amount blank on your Collaboration Alert and within the description field, ask influencers to pitch to you with their preferred rate for the particular collaboration idea. 

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