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What is a blog DA ranking?

How blogs are ranked by Domain Authority

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Domain Authority:

A ranking between 1 and 100 created by Moz (relevant for bloggers and online magazines only).

Developed by Moz, this is a score attributed to websites as an indicator as to how well it will rank in search engines. It’s useful as both a measure of your own site’s SEO performance as well as assessing how to choose which blogs and websites to work with.

Scoring starts from 0 up to 100, with 100 being the highest. That helps you grasp, on face value, the effectiveness a site will likely have on Google. It’s also logarithmic which means it is easier to get from a score of 10 to 20, than from 70 to 80.  

How do they rank sites?

It’s quite a complicated algorithm that takes its cues from Google and Moz’s own metrics – they review over 40 signals! But, one of the key ways Moz derives a score is by reviewing backlinks (websites linking to another). They look at a number of factors about those links – both quantity but, importantly, quality. So a link on The Times is going to impact DA more than a few links on lower quality blogs

You can find all the information about their ranking here:

What makes a good DA?

Below is a rough guide on how to rate the DA of different bloggers:

  • Smaller/emerging  = DA of less than 15

  • Established = DA of between 15-30

  • Well established  = DA of 30+

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