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This tab displays all influencers that have accepted your agreement and you are collaborating with.

As soon as an influencer accepts your agreement, your collaboration with them is officially In progress.

The influencer can now add all the relevant social media and blog links required to complete this collaboration. You can also add links yourself from your account.

When a link is submitted, the Report page starts gathering data. The more relevant links are added, the more accurate the final report data will be.

In the Report page, global stats are always visible at the top but the breakdown per influencer will only be available when you complete and close the collaboration with them. 

At this stage, if you verified that the influencer has completed all the work agreed and all the links have been added, you could also complete and close the collaboration by clicking on YES, CLOSE IT & RATE INFLUENCER button at the bottom of the influencer's area. Make sure that's your final decision as you cannot re-open a collaboration after completing it (but you can always add links to the Report for more accurate results).

On the top right of your influencer area, there's always a collaboration status update (deadline's days left, confirmations, agreement sent, waiting on a reply, ...). Be sure to check it out for extra information on the status of your collaboration with them.

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