'Matched' tab [Influencers]
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This tab shows all collaborations you’ve been matched and can apply to.

First, click on VIEW COLLAB DETAILS to check what the collaboration is about, what kind of work they're looking for, what benefits they offer, when the deadline to apply is (3 or 7 days after being published) and learn a bit about the brand itself.

To apply, click on the APPLY NOW button.

A text box will appear and you're invited to send a message to the brand to pitch why you would be a great influencer to work with on this collaboration. 

If you're not interested in a particular collaboration you can let expire your deadline to apply and the collaboration will be automatically archived by Press Loft after that.

On the top right of your collaboration area, there's always a collaboration status update (deadline's days left, confirmations, agreement sent, waiting on a reply, ...).
Be sure to check it out for extra information on the status of the collaboration.

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