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'Brand sent agreement' tab [Influencers]
'Brand sent agreement' tab [Influencers]

Accept, request changes or decline

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This tab displays all collaborations for which you’ve been sent an agreement by the brand.

Receiving an agreement means the brand would like to collaborate with you.

You have up to 14 days to accept the agreement but there's an exception:
sometimes a brand needs the coverage to happen before what they initially planned so, if the date set by the brand on the agreement happens before your
14-days deadline set by the system, that's the date you need to stick to.

Review the terms in the agreement, request for changes if necessary by clicking on the Request changes button, accept it to get the collaboration underway or decline if you decide it's not for you anymore (the collaboration will be automatically archived)
The brand will be immediately notified and you're good to go!

For a more detailed explanation on the agreement, read this article.

On the top right of your collaboration area, there's always a collaboration status update (deadline's days left, confirmations, agreement sent, waiting on a reply, ...).
Be sure to check it out for extra information on the status of the collaboration.

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