'In progress' tab [Influencers]

Collaboration is active and the focus is on published links

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This tab displays all the collaborations for which you accepted the agreement.

Things are now in motion and you need to fulfil the brand’s requirements by the date stated in the agreement.

As soon as you publish a social media or blog post for this collaboration, submit the link in the provided field to keep the brand up to date with your work.

As soon as a link is added, the Report page in the brand's account will start gathering data.

Once you’ve published all the required posts, you can nudge the brand to close the collaboration by clicking on the REQUEST COMPLETION button (more info here). 

On the top right of your collaboration area, there's always a collaboration status update (deadline's days left, confirmations, agreement sent, waiting on a reply, ...).
Be sure to check it out for extra information on the status of the collaboration.

TIP: Links are the most important thing at this stage so don't forget to add them as soon as you publish them. They prove you're doing the work agreed and allow brands to monitor the collaboration in real-time. 

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