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Intro to the messages and milestones area on Influencer Collaborations

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Messages is the communication hub where brands and influencers can privately write to each other.

Conversations between brand and influencer are available from the moment an influencer applies to a collaboration, up to 7 days after that collaboration is complete and closed by the brand.

When a collaboration is automatically archived by the system or manually archived by the brand, the Messages area won't be available anymore.

Messages history will always be viewable afterwards though.

Messages you wrote that haven't been read are recognisable by their green border, bold font and the 'UNREAD' tag just below the message bubble.

An unread message will look like this:

Milestones mark a significant event during the timeline of a collaboration and are also useful to keep track chronologically of what's been going on with each influencer (if you're a brand) and brand (if you're an influencer).

A couple of examples of milestones

Toggle the Messages area by clicking on the Open/Close Messages button to the left of the influencer area.

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