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How to create a Collaboration Alert
How to create a Collaboration Alert
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Log into your Press Loft account, click on Influencer Outreach and on the top right of that page you will see a + NEW COLLABORATION button. Click on that and complete the easy 4-step process to create a collaboration alert:

1) Influencer profile

Here you can select the influencer's categories of influence, to better match you with relevant influencers and their highly engaged community. 

Select which channel(s) potential influencers should be active in and the minimum amount of followers (or DA for blogs) they should have to be matched to your collaboration.

Influencers only need to meet one minimum requirement to be matched.
For example, if you select a minimum of 10k Instagram followers and 5k Twitter followers and the influencer has 12k Instagram followers but only 3k on Twitter, they will be matched to your collaboration.

2) Collaboration details

Choose what country you would like to target, the type of collaboration and the benefits you're ready to offer in exchange of the influencer's work.

3) Description

Select an image to represent your collaboration, either from your computer or directly from your Press Loft image library.

Select how much time you will give influencers to apply (3 or 7 days).

Add a title and a description, ideally following these suggestions:

What is the opportunity and what would you like the influencer to do?
What is the product/collection you're trying to promote? Why is it great?
Be as broad or specific as you want, but also keep in mind
influencers are creative people and really know their audience.
Give a background to your company and your goals - sell yourself!
Talk about the benefit(s) you will give to the influencer.

4) Summary

This is a summary of all the information you entered so far and what the influencer is going to see when they click on VIEW COLLAB DETAILS (collaboration details page help article).

Read over it, go back if you need to edit any sections and when you're happy with it, submit it. A member of staff will quickly review it before making it live on Press Loft (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm UK time, or next working day).

All relevant influencers will be matched and notified about your collaboration.

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