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Influencer collaborations

A quick guide to collaborating with influencers on Press Loft

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Influencer marketing has grown to be an essential part of most brands' marketing strategies and is now even more effective than traditional display ads. 

Having your product endorsed by an influencer in an authentic way, to an engaged online community of thousands, will not only spread your brand message to a new, wider audience, but will build brand credibility, increase your SEO presence with relevant backlinks on blogs and even grow your own social following. 

Our influencer collaboration tool aims to streamline the collaboration process between brand and influencers, making it easy to find the right influencers for your product and build valuable relationships.

Simply post a collaboration opportunity to our network of influencers, watch the applications come through, then pick who you would like to work with.

Get started

1. Navigate to the 'Influencer collaborations' page in your account.

Log into your account and click on 'Influencers' in the left-hand sidebar.
Once you've posted collaboration opportunities, you'll be able to come back here to see an overview of all of your collaborations and manage them.

2. Post your collaboration opportunity

Click the button in the top right-hand of the page to post a new collaboration.

Enter some details about your collaboration opportunity:

  • The first step is to decide what you'd like to promote. This might be a specific product, a collection, or your company as a whole (eg. you might want to let the influencer choose any product from your company).

  • Add a relevant cover photo to entice influencers to apply.

  • Decide where and how you'd like your products to be promoted. If you're open to different ideas, you can select multiple options here.

  • Add information about what you're offering the influencer in return for their promotion. Make sure your offer is attractive and fair - payments and gifted products are commonly used. You'll also find a handy pricing guide linked within the form which recommends how much to offer as payment.

  • Choose which social channels you'd be open to influencers promoting your products on, and how many followers the influencer should have on each relevant channel. Remember, you can use the pricing guide to see what's realistic for your budget.

After submitting your collaboration, it will be promptly reviewed by one of the Press Loft team before publishing. This will happen between Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, or the next working day.

All relevant influencers will be matched and notified about your collaboration opportunity.

3. Receiving applications

After your collaboration is live, matched influencers who are suitable will be able to apply by sending you a brief pitch via the Messages area. Influencers who want to work with you will appear under your Applicants tab. You can communicate with them further and if you feel they're the right fit, you have up to 7 days to send them a collaboration agreement.

If you don't wish to work with an influencer who has applied, you don't have to do anything, but you can dismiss their application by clicking the cross in the top right hand of each application card, and it will be moved to the Archived tab.

4. Send an agreement to an influencer you'd like to collaborate with

When you're happy with an influencer's application and would like to work with them, click on Send Agreement to send them an agreement where you specify the work you would like carried out, the benefits you offer in exchange, and a deadline to get the work done by. Influencers can request changes or accept the agreement to get the collaboration underway.

Please note, you can work with multiple influencers for each collaboration you post. You aren't limited to just one!

5. Collaborations in progress

The In progress tab will show all influencers who you sent an agreement to. You can filter this down to 'Agreement sent', 'Agreement accepted' and 'Completion requested'.

  • Agreement sent

You've sent an agreement to the influencer. All you need to do is wait for them to accept.

  • Agreement accepted

The influencer accepted your agreement and can start working on your collaboration! The influencer can now start to add all the relevant social media and blog links required to complete this collaboration. You can also add links yourself from your account.

As soon as a link gets submitted, the Report page will start gathering data. The more relevant links are added, the more accurate the final report data will be. This is what a collaboration report looks like:

  • Completion requested

When influencers feel they have completed the work required, they have the option to send you a request to complete and close the collaboration.

Make sure you’re happy with their work, all relevant links have been submitted and, if it all checks out, accept their request, complete the collaboration and rate the influencer. Remember to rate influencers fairly as your ratings will display on their profile. If you're not happy with their work for any reason, you can always contact them or the Press Loft team first to try and resolve any issues.

6. Completed collaborations

Once complete, the influencer will move under the Completed tab and you'll have another 7 days to communicate with them in Messages. After that, the chat will close but you'll always have access to your conversation's history.

Frequently Asked Questions

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