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A quick guide to collaborating with brands on Press Loft

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As an influencer, you have a valuable, engaged online community that our network of brands would love to tap into in order to broaden their exposure. Our Influencer Outreach tool is an online platform to help streamline this collaboration process.

Create engaging content for your readers about the products you love, and be rewarded for it by brands with things like sponsored posts, gifted items, competitions for your followers etc.

Simply apply to the collaboration alerts that tickle your fancy.

Check your settings

Before collaborations will be visible to you, ensure your settings and preferences are correct and you authenticate your social channels. Head to you profile to update these. 

Important - social media accounts must be authenticated in order to receive collaboration alerts relating to these platforms (more info here).

Let's get started

Log into your account and click on Collaborations from the navigation menu at the top of the page. The landing page shows you all the collaborations you've been matched to or are already working on.

The grey tabs help you manage all your collaborations at different stages of their process. Let's go through them one by one:

This tab shows all collaborations you’ve been matched and can apply to.

View the collaboration details and if you'd like to apply, click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button.

Send a message to the brand and pitch why you would be a great influencer to work with on this collaboration.

This tab shows all collaborations you’ve applied to.

Now you’re waiting for the brand to review your application. If interested, they’ll send you an agreement to accept.

They have just over two weeks to do so but most brands do it within the first few days.

If you’re not selected, this collaboration will automatically be archived after the brand’s deadline to send the agreement expires.

This tab displays all collaborations for which you’ve been sent an agreement by the brand.

Receiving an agreement means the brand would like to go ahead and collaborate with you.

Review the terms in the agreement, request changes if necessary, and accept to get the collaboration in progress.

You have 14 days (or the ‘work done by’ date in the agreement, if it happens earlier) to accept the agreement.

This tab displays all the collaborations for which you accepted the agreement.

Things are now in motion! Fulfill the brand’s requirements stated in the agreement.

As soon as you publish a social media or blog post for this collaboration, submit the link in the provided field to keep the brand up to date with your work. As soon as a link is added, the Report page in the brand's account will start gathering data.

Once you’ve published all the required posts, you can nudge the brand to close the collaboration by clicking on the ‘REQUEST COMPLETION’ button.

This tab displays all collaborations for which you sent a completion request to the brand.

At this stage you presumably completed all the work and are waiting for the brand to review your links and close the collaboration. If not, the brand might communicate with you in the Messages section and request some tasks to be completed.

This tab displays all successfully completed collaborations with each brand.

The final stats of your performance for this collaboration are now displayed.
You still have 7 days (after completion date) to communicate with this brand via the Messages section.

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