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Authenticating social media channels
Authenticating social media channels

Guide for influencers to authenticating social media channels

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When you create a Press Loft profile as a journalist, blogger or influencer, make sure
to authenticate your social media channels inside the profile page.

Why is it important? 

You will only receive alerts for social media related collaborations when you have authenticated your social channels. This allows brands to see verified information of how many followers you have. When a brand creates a collaboration, they will select the minimum amount of followers for the channels they want to promote on, eg 5,000 followers on Instagram.

What do we gain access to?

We're only able to authenticate your account (ie. verify it exists).
We can read your public stats and update them on our platform (amount of likes, posts, and comments).

We do not have access to and cannot read the content of your posts.
We cannot post anything on your behalf.

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