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How can I receive more collaboration alerts from brands?
How can I receive more collaboration alerts from brands?

Updating collaboration alert preferences as an Influencer

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As an Influencer, you will only receive collaboration alerts that match the settings and preferences in your profile settings.ย 

Log in and head to My Profile in your top left corner and review the below areas to ensure you are receiving as many relevant alerts as possible:

Social Media Authentication (
help article)

You will only receive social media related collaboration alerts for channels that you have authenticated, if you have only entered the social channel name but not authenticated, you will not be matched alerts.

Categories of Interest

Check over your selected categories of interest to make sure you're receiving alerts for all the product types you would like.

Influencer Type

Have you entered your blog or authenticated your youtube channel? Make sure to enter all relevant channels to maximise your opportunities.

Collaboration Alert Preferences

Here you select the type of post or collaboration you are interested in eg will you be open to doing blog posts or social posts, do you like to run competitions, do you do product reviews? Tick all that apply

Benefits Preferences

What type of benefit are you open to in return for featuring a brand? Gifted products, sponsorship, discounts? The more you select, the more opportunities you will be matched to.

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