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Editing images that are too small or too large
Editing images that are too small or too large

Managing images which have been uploaded but are the incorrect size

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At Press Loft, we require that your images are all high-resolution files so that print journalists can use them for their articles right away. Our minimum specs for uploading your images to our site are:

Minimum 100kb (although we recommend aiming for at least 1MB if you can!)
Max 8MB
Minimum 1 million pixels (eg 1000x1000 pixels)

What to do if your images are too small?

If you upload an image which is too small, you will see a yellow icon on the image in your Edit Images area.

You can replace this file anytime by clicking on the thumbnail of the image.

Unfortunately there is no way to increase the size of an image file other than sourcing the original, high-resolution version from your photographer or supplier. Once you have this available, you can simply replace the existing file.

What to do if your images are too big?

If an image is either too large for our requirements, or is not a JPEG file, our system may not allow it to upload correctly. You will receive a red error message while the upload is running to inform you of the issue.

To upload the file you will need to resize and then perform the upload. We do not offer the facility to re-size images within our site but if you need to change the file size or type for a large amount of images, you could try using a batch converter.

You can use (a free program) to alter the image size. Just enter a desired size or use the built-in sliders to reduce the image size. Once your image has the right size, you can replace this file any time by clicking on the thumbnail of the image.

Tip: Need a hand uploading a large amount of images? Feel free to send them to us via WeTransfer and we'll help you out!

If you need any help or have any questions just shoot us an email at

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