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What to do if you can't find images to match your subject [JOURNALISTS]
What to do if you can't find images to match your subject [JOURNALISTS]

Tips for discovering the right products to feature

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Can't find the right images? That's a shame! But not to worry, there are still a few things you can try which may help...

  • Check that your current search filters are correct and not too restrictive. These are on the left-hand side of the Image Library

  • Have you spelt your keyword search correctly? (It happens!)

  • Try variations of your search words. For example, if you're looking for "Aquamarine Serving Ware", instead try searching for "Blue Plate", or just "Blue" within the Kitchen category. 

  • Check that your International Settings are correct. Are you definitely searching within your location? This can be checked in two spots...

  1. This green Settings box in the left-hand side of your Image Library:

2. And also the Based In country location box above it. Perhaps you might be open to browsing images of products based locally that ship to your location? If so leave this one to 'All Countries' 

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