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How to cancel your membership
How to cancel your membership

Closing, pausing or downgrading your Press Loft account

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Oh no! Sorry to hear you are thinking about closing your Press Loft account. One might call it a catastrophe but there are ways to stay in touch...

Here are your options:

You would like to downgrade your membership?

If your current membership set up is no longer working for you, there's likely to be a smaller option available if you're looking to remain on the platform in a smaller capacity. You can downgrade your membership through your Membership Details, or drop us a line and we'll be happy to advise and arrange it for you.

You would like to put your membership on hold instead of cancelling?

We offer account holds for up to 60 days. If you would like to freeze your membership, simply send us an email with the date you would like to reinstate your account and we will process the hold for you.

You would like to cancel your account?

We would love to hear your feedback as we are always aiming to improve our services and packages!

Are you unhappy with the results received?

Are you lacking time to make the most of your account?

Have your PR needs or budget changed?

Let us know and we can review your account and look at ways to optimise your membership for you to ensure that you can benefit from your presence on Press Loft.

Not interested in a review? Then simply email us at

We will check your account, billing date and review your current membership terms to process the cancellation for you. Monthly memberships can be cancelled any time, annual subscriptions can be ended after 12 months.

You're trialling on Press Loft and would like to cancel your account?

Trials on Press Loft expire automatically after 60 days, but if for some reason you would like to end the free trial period before the set expiry date, simply email us at and we will archive your account for you on Press Loft.

We can also pause your trialling account for you to reactivate at a later stage.

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