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What to do if you have downloaded images as a journalist but they are failing to find your inbox

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How annoying! Sorry to hear your images haven't arrived into your inbox. There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving any images, please check the following:

The emails may have been mistaken as Spam
Every so often, our emails will get marked as Spam or Trash. Please search your Spam and Trash folder for a message from Press Loft. Marking it as "Not Spam" or adding info@pressloft.com in your address book will ensure that you receive future emails.

Ensure that your email account is not full
Most of the time, email accounts have a maximum size of a few GB. If your cap is nearly reached, you will not be able to receive large messages any more until you have cleared enough space. 

Email address typos
Be sure to check that you didn't accidentally type the wrong email address when sending an image basket to yourself.

None of the above? Drop us an email at info@pressloft.com so we can resend you the latest images that you downloaded. Or simply log in on Press Loft and re-download your images from “Your Previous Downloads” at the bottom of the page:

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