Tips for refining your Image Library search

How to refine your picture preferences as a journalist

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Looking for something specific in our Image Library? Fear not, we offer several ways to refine your search and make your life easier!

You'll find these options on the left-hand side of the Image Library:

Company Location

Set your preference for the brand's physical location or leave as 'all countries' and the search will show you all images which are based around the world but will ship to your Ship To location as set in the next step. 

International Search Options 

Select your preferred language, currency and where you are located, so that all images in the search will definitely be available in your location. (more info)

Product Categories
Select your category of choice. You can also select multiple sub-categories at once.

Filter by Company
Browse by a particular brand

Price Range
Set a price here if products must be within a certain price point. Please note – any images which have been uploaded by our clients without pricing information will be excluded from your search results. 

Image Type
Looking for a deep-etched or an in situ-styled shot? Select your preference here

Browse by a particular colour

File Size
Select an image file size preference; perfect if you know, for example, that you must have a file over 5MB for a large feature. 

You can also use the top Keyword Search bar to browse images. When using this, try using different variations for your search to cover all options and get the best results. For example, looking for aqua-coloured serving ware? Try searching Aqua Serving Ware but also try Blue Plate, or just Blue and open up the Kitchen category. 

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