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What they say about Press Loft...
What they say about Press Loft...

Leading brands, PR agencies and journalists share their experiences on the platform

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We have been improving companies' media coverage for the last 10 years!

Brands explain why Press Loft's tools have become an invaluable part of their business strategies: 

"‘Press Loft have been EXTREMELY helpful in generating coverage for us, we have had many products featured in top publications which really gives us the exposure we need! And not only that, they provide a great service and the site is quick, easy and simple to use. We would recommend Press Loft to anyone!"
Prezzy Box, U.K.

"Press Loft is our hidden gem for attracting product mentions within the media. As long-term subscribers, we are huge fans of the time-saving benefits it provides, along with the global reach among a wide variety of journalists."
Norsu Interiors, Australia

"Press Loft is a win-win for businesses and journalists alike. Journalists are looking for products to feature and businesses want to have their products featured, so connecting the two in a seamless way is awesome and Press Loft makes this process really easy. It’s great for generating exposure for brands and generating high-quality backlinks for SEO."
Yellow Octopus, Australia

"We have used Press Loft for nearly a decade now. They are our virtual 24-hour press office. In this digital era, having our bank of images that journalists can have instant access to 24 hours a day is priceless. The reporting tools also allow us to see anticipated coverage and therefore pre-order and adjust stock orders to accommodate for the sales uplift we see as a result of the press exposure."
French Bedroom Company, U.K.

"As Loaf has grown, along with the number of designs we offer, Press Loft has been an invaluable tool for our press team. It's simple to use and without a doubt it has increased our press coverage by opening up our exposure to a new set of media. We'd be lost without it now!"
Loaf, U.K. 

"We love Press Loft. We’ve had over 2,000 image uploads by lifestyle journos in a few short years no other marketing, advertising or PR activity provides as big a bang for our buck."
Satara, Australia

"With Press Loft’s great search functionality, it’s allowed us to speak directly to journalists who are interested in our industry, products and brands; cutting out any unnecessary clutter."
Rogerseller, Australia

"Press Loft has been an invaluable tool for me as part of a small PR team at a fast-growing start-up. We started to achieve coverage for Artfinder within weeks and the coverage we have continued to gain has been consistent and high profile including Woman & Home, Good Homes and House Beautiful. Such a great idea, and a real time-saver for a busy PR!"
Artfinder, U.K.

PR agencies are finding great success using Press Loft's tools to broaden their clients' reach:

"We’ve been using Press Loft for at least 3 years and still find it provides us with access to exclusive publicity and media coverage opportunities that we would not otherwise know about. It’s a wonderful service and another valuable tool for us to use for our clients."
Lahra Carey PR, Australia

"I have been on Press Loft since 2009: first with my online design shop and now we use it for our interiors clients. It's an integral part of our service as a way of achieving press coverage but also as a handy image management tool."
Tiainen-Harris PR, U.K.

"The Trish Nicol Agency uses Press Loft on a regular basis to ensure we are on top of all relevant PR opportunities for our clients. We have found it to be a very valuable service and wouldn’t hesitate recommending both agencies and brands to use it."
Trish Nicol Agency, Australia

Top publications reveal why Press Loft is their go-to platform to source brands and products to feature in their articles:

"Press Loft is a fantastic resource that I use on a regular basis as it’s perfect for last-minute images. So many top brands use it these days which means it’s the go-to-place for reliable, hi-res pics together with the caption information. I couldn’t live without it!"
House Beautiful, U.K.

"Press Loft is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest ranges from a huge array of brands. Having the ability to download high-res imagery and product information direct is invaluable, especially when you’re working to a tight deadline."
Real Living, Australia

"An invaluable tool for producing both print and online media. It makes my job so much easier! It’s efficient, the range of products is broad and saves time when deadlines are looming."
Sunday Times Magazine, Australia

"Press Loft is an enormous help to me ... whenever I start a new feature or blog I have a quick check on Press Loft to look at the latest news and images. The image library is easy to use and never disappoints, I would be lost without it!"
Period Homes & Interiors, U.K.

"Press Loft is my go-to when I'm looking for good-quality, inspirational images for features. With hundreds of brands to choose from, it saves me time every day – it's like the middle man, so to speak, and I often recommend companies get involved as it's a service we use regularly at Style at Home magazine."
Style at Home, U.K.

"Press Loft is a hub of creativity that not only features a range of great products, but is ultra-convenient in our fast-paced industry."
Home Design Magazine, Australia

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