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What kind of businesses are suitable for Press Loft?
What kind of businesses are suitable for Press Loft?

Brand types which will benefit from our client services

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Press Loft specialises in the interiors, gift and lifestyle sectors and works with brands which sell products – either retail or wholesale – under this wide umbrella. 

This can include categories such as Baby, Bathroom, DIY, Fashion, Food, Kitchen, Outdoor, Technology or Weddings all of which would be absolutely perfect for our network. 

We have a network of thousands of interiors and lifestyle journalists, bloggers and social media influencers who are constantly looking for the latest and greatest products to write about in these areas, so if you sell products in this industry we would love to work with you. 

Feel free to check out our image library at and browse the current brands, products and categories we work with.

We pride ourselves on offering a valuable DIY PR platform to help increase and streamline PR activity for businesses of all sizes, from high street leaders and large PR agencies to small artisans and online boutiques. 

To find out more about our services and request a free trial, contact us at 

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