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How to reactivate your account
How to reactivate your account

Restarting your client membership on Press Loft

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If you would like to reactivate your Press Loft account, follow the steps below: 

Your data and images have been kept and stored safely and securely for you, so you won’t need to spend time updating your details again.

After reactivating my account, when will my images go live?

Once upgraded, your previous images will be live within 15 minutes. You're welcome to add/edit your content immediately.

What to do after my account is reactivated?

It is very important that you go through your images on Press Loft to make sure that all of the images are still available on your website. Edit, delete and upload new images to offer journalists new and fresh content.

If you like, we can help with your account and uploading new images. Simply get in touch with the Press Loft team and someone will help you:

I want to reactivate my account with a bespoke plan, how do I go about it?

Simply contact us and we'll gladly discuss options for you depending on your budget and requirements. We can activate your account to get you up and running in a jiffy.

I can't reactivate my account! 

We're sorry to hear that, but help is at hand! Write a message to our team at or call our operators in your area:

UK +44 (0)207 610 6633  
DE +49 (0)30 408 17 3322
US +1 646 712 9360
AU +61 02 9698 9778
IT +39 349 0569971

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