Downloading images via email and zip

How journalists can download images and more info on Instant Download vs Add To Download Folder

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As a journalist/blogger member on Press Loft, you are able to download high-resolution images directly from Press Loft and receive them either by email or as a downloaded Zip file straight to your computer.  We will also give you all the caption information that you need, including the product description, stockist details and the PR contact.

(Please note that when featuring a client's image, it's a requirement that you credit the brand with at least the company name, and ideally also the product name and stockist website.  
For example: "The Big Red Toaster, from Red Toaster Co."
and for online features, it's important that you also link back to the client's site.) 

Downloading Images:

After finding the perfect product image, you can either opt to add to a Download Folder or perform a Quick Download.

Download Folder:
This option allows you to pop multiple images into the folder before performing the download. This option also allows you to choose Download by Zip file.

Do this by selecting the Add to Download Folder icon on the listing page:

or on a product page:

Your image will load in your Download Folder, which you can access through the folder icon in the top right-hand side of your page. 

When you've finished adding images to your folder, click the folder open and select the green Download images button:

From there you can choose whether you wish to download via email or zip folder. 

Quick Download:
If you're after a quick, singular download via email, you can select the Quick Download icon on any image in the listing:

or on a product page:

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