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How the Image Library works for brands
How the Image Library works for brands

Using this Press Loft feature to generate publicity for your products

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Press Loft offers a range of PR tools to help brands connect with journalists and bloggers and secure valuable press features. The main tool that our journalist network uses the most, and the one that our clients receive the most press features from, is our Image Library.

This tool essentially streamlines the traditional PR process of journalists having to contact brands and PR agencies asking for high-res images of a product for their feature, and the PR then having to dig up the image and relevant caption information and email it over. Not only do we automate the whole process so that brands can secure press features 24/7, we offer detailed reporting so that brands/PRs never lose track of image distribution again.

How does it work?

Brands simply create an account with their own administration area on Press Loft. They upload their high resolution imagery along with some product, contact and stockist information – everything a journalist needs to feature them in the press. 

These images are listed on Press Loft's library and we have thousands of journalists and bloggers visiting the site daily to source the latest and greatest products to feature in their upcoming features. They can simply browse the site by searching via category, keyword or by brand name, and discover the perfect products and images to feature in the press. 

Registered journalist and blogger members are then able to immediately download the image of their choice in high resolution, and all the associated product information is instantly sent to them – making their lives 1,000 times easier as they have everything they need to feature the brand right away. 

Brands receive an instant notification with detailed information on the download, letting them know who/where/what and when to keep an eye out for the features. 

The journalist/blogger then features the product in their story and appropriately credits the brand – meaning lots of brilliant exposure, site traffic and sales for the featured client.

It's the efficient, cost-effective way for brands and PR agencies to secure press features, 24/7.

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