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How to convert a TIF or PNG to a JPEG file
How to convert a TIF or PNG to a JPEG file

All you need to know about converting your image files to JPEG

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Your images need to meet our image file requirements to be shared with journalists on Press Loft. One of these requirements is that they are JPEG/JPG format, as this is journalists' preferred image format.

If you only have TIF or PNG files, it is really easy to convert into a JPEG/JPG file:

  • Open the file in an image editing software like Photoshop or GIMP (a free tool similar to photoshop πŸ˜„)

  • Head to File > Save As

  • Choose JPEG as the file type

  • Save at your desired location, this will create a copy of your original image, now as a JPEG file

  • Re-upload your image to Press LoftΒ 

​Alternatively, if you have a large volume of images, you can use a bulk converter (there are lots of bulk image converters available if you search Google). You simply upload your original files to the tool, choose your desired format changes, and it will bulk convert your images and save them as a copy onto your computer.

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