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Where to find inspiration for your press release
Where to find inspiration for your press release

Writer's block? Don't struggle alone!

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A press release is a great way to spread the word about your brand and your products. But finding inspiration to write one isn’t always easy. 

You may find yourself following the same old structure or waiting for a new product to come out or comparing your press releases unfavourably to those of your competitors.

But when you find a little press release creativity, you can write about your products with new enthusiasm. You can craft press releases that stand out from the crowd. And you can find extra press release opportunities throughout the year.

Here are a few places you can look to find inspiration for your next press release:

Annual events

Are there any big annual events on the horizon? Christmas? Valentine’s? Kids heading back to school after summer? Events can provide you with the perfect angle for your press release. Just make sure you plan in advance. Your press release needs to be ready well before the event rolls round.


Major national events

Almost every day or week of the year is now affiliated to a specific cause. It could be National Cupcake Week or World Vegetarian Day, Diabetes Awareness Day or International Kissing Day. If there’s a genuine link between one of these days and one of your products, use it as inspiration for a press release. It will make your press release much more topical and relevant to readers.


Your business

Events within your business can also be great inspiration for a press release. Maybe you’re reaching a company anniversary or milestone. Or joining forces with a particular designer. Or launching a brand new collection. All of the above are worth shouting about.


Current trends 

When you stay up-to-date with current trends, you’ll understand where your products can fit within them. Maybe that new purple lampshade of yours could be talked about with reference to Pantone’s colour of the year (it’s Ultra Violet for 2018). Or that patterned rug can be described as maximalist. Or your cosy wool blankets could be launched within the context of hygge.


The Press Loft website

There are tonnes of press releases featured on the Press Loft website. Taking a look back through our archives is sure to provide lots of inspiration.

There are great titles, product descriptions, images and angles that could just provide the spark of creativity you need to get your next press release written and ready to promote.

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