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How to get your products in Valentine's Day gift guides
How to get your products in Valentine's Day gift guides

Feel the love from the media

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Appearing in a gift guide can be an excellent boost to your sales and increase your brand awareness.

We have a few helpful tips and tricks to get you feeling the PR love this Valentine’s Day:

Upload your images early: You need to upload your Valentine's day images as early as November to maximise your PR exposure. 

Make sure your keywords are relevant: Your gift items should always include relevant Valentines keywords such as Valentine’s Day, gift, present, love, for her, for him, romantic etc so they appear in searches by journalists.

Showcase your latest and greatest: Have some amazing new products to show off? Make sure they are uploaded to Press Loft and ready for journalists seeking a little love inspiration. Brand new items always receive more attention.

Make sure your pricing is up-to-date: Journalists can also refine their searches on Press Loft by price. Make sure your product pricing is in the actual pricing field and is accurate for journalists looking for lovable gifts in certain price brackets.

Refresh all your golden oldies: Have some older Valentine’s Day products? Refresh your older products to give them new dates and appear higher in journalist search results. Don’t forget to make sure that all your product caption information is still relevant.

Send out a press release: Shout out about your loveliest Valentine’s Day products by sending a press release out on Press Loft. Time is of the essence! If you don’t have new products to promote this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on utilising our press release service; journalists also love gift guide ideas, for him and her, specific gift category ideas like “Valentines gifts under £30”, or even just loved-up decorative/dining ideas.

Looking for a little giftspiration? Check out our latest Valentine’s Gift Trend on Press Loft here…

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