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Importing your images using an XML Feed
Importing your images using an XML Feed

Use our feed import tool to automatically import and manage your product images

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You're using an XML Feed to manage your products internally? That's perfect! You can now import any content from an external XML file. With your xml feed, we can map the data in this feed to your Press Loft library to import, edit or remove images and product information at regular intervals.ย 

We can support any format of data but Google Shopping data is the most common. If the feed has a url where we can access high res images we can also pull that in, too.

That's great, where do I start?

You can access the Press Loft feed import tool via the Image Library dropdown on your dashboard menu. Here is a direct link to the feed import tool on Press Loft:

Step 1: Data Source

To get started, select Feed URL as the way you'd like to manage your products and paste the feed URL into the field below.

Step 2: Map Data

The system will check your data against the information that is required by the system to import your products. Go through the sections one by one. If the data has already been mapped correctly, great! If not, simply select the correct field from your feed using the dropdown menu on the right hand side.

The Press Loft ID gets assigned to your images after they have been uploaded. If you're uploading new images rather than editing existing images from your library, this field can stay blank.

If your feed does not include some of the data that is required, you can remove those and they will be disregarded during the import:

Important: Please note that your products might not go live if the feed does not include all the required information. You can read more about this here.

(Step 2: Complete your product details).

Step 3: Image Settings

Your feed does not include high-res images? Not to worry!

You can either upload your images manually now and let the system auto-match them for you,

or you can add them later. Please note that adding images later means uploading them one by one.

Please note that importing via Google Drive or Dropbox is currently disabled for XML imports.

Step 4: Data Settings

Now you can choose how often you would like your feed to be run, and what you would like to do with images if a product that is in your library is not part of the feed or that is out of stock.

Please note that only images that were initially uploaded via the feed option will be affected by these changes. Images that have been uploaded manually will need to be manually hidden or deleted if they are no longer relevant.

Step 5: Data import

That's it, you're all set! Press Run now and the feed will start importing your products.

It can take few minutes for the feed to start running. You can go grab a coffee now or jump on something else - maybe start creating beautiful content on Press Loft Studio?

The feed will do the work for you even if you leave the page.

Every feed is different. You might need special adjustments for your setup, or you might run into unexpected errors during the import. Please don't hesitate to contact the Press Loft team and we'll be happy to help. ๐Ÿค–

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