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Tracking press coverage

How can I follow my coverage?

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A download does not guarantee that you will be featured in the journalist's final feature but based on client feedback, on average 75% of downloads equate to coverage.

There are never any guarantees that your product will be used and things can change right down to the publication date. We are not informed either way but we try to find out if successful, as much as we can!

How do I keep track of what is (potentially) going to be featured in the press?

Every time a journalist downloads one of your images you receive an email notification from the Press Loft team. 

This will contain the journalist’s name and email address, as well as the publication name and, where provided by the journalist, an estimated publication date. 

This information is also collated into your Download Report which you can check at any time from your account's Dashboard.

With this information you will be able to keep an eye out for the titles that you will hopefully be featured in!

Should I follow up with journalists to check if they have featured my products?

We know it's tempting to contact journalists but these emails are usually not responded to so we don't recommend following up. 

Monitoring your press coverage 

We will let you know if we spot your products in magazines. We currently record about 70% of the magazines downloading from Press Loft.

Buying the magazines that are shown in your download report is the best way of knowing for sure whether your image has been featured in an article.

We try (as much as we can) to provide a link to buy the magazine or link to the online article.

Example of coverage email alert: 

If you are looking for a more thorough method of monitoring the press, PR agencies tend to hire a cuttings/media monitoring agency, which will be able to notify you of the majority of print coverage. It can be costly, however, so not always suitable for smaller brands.

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