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8 Tips to Answer Journalist Requests
8 Tips to Answer Journalist Requests

Responding to journalist requests

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Journalist Requests can be a perfect way to start a great relationship with a journalist or blogger. When either send out requests it’s usually because they are seeking a very specific product or they’re on a tight deadline.

So, how can you respond to these requests to make sure that the Journalists gets what they want and you get some awesome PR coverage? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to secure some great press for your products!

1. Always send at least 1 high-resolution JPEG image with your email reply (unless journalists have specifically asked for low-res copies)

2. Always provide exact Product Name, RRP, brief product info & Stockist info for your associated product suggestions within your very first email.

3. Bullet points are a journalist’s best friend. Keep your product information concise and easily applicable.

4. Don’t bombard journalists with lots of high-res images. We recommend not sending more than 4 or so.

5. If your membership includes the full Image Library, you can email your images and product information to journalists instantly with a message, all of which is saved in your Download Report too.

6. If your membership includes a Branded Press Office page, be sure to include your special URL in your email so that they can browse your entire image collection for further print-ready images, increasing your chances dramatically.

7. Try to send your product suggestions ASAP and be wary of the listed Deadline Dates.

8. Last but not least, if your product doesn’t match their brief perfectly – don’t send it.  A journalist’s pet hate is being sent unsuitable products, so don’t risk having them sticking you in their spam folder forever!

It’s important to remember that these alerts go out to 100s of brands, so giving journalists all of the information they require to feature you from your very first email is crucial.

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