For brands that sell great gifts, it's extra important to secure gift guide coverage in the weekly magazines and online publications before annual events.

To keep your products on the top of every Dad's wish list we advise:

  1. Make sure all gift-related images are on Press Loft and up-to-date. This is the most important thing! Journalists are always looking to Press Loft for new images so make sure yours are there, ready to be downloaded.

  2. Include any relevant key words to help journalists find your images such as: dad, father’s day, daddy, grandpa, gift, present, for him

  3. Ensure that all of your images have product prices saved on them. Don’t miss out on being added to gift guides at the last minute because your products are missing essential information for journalists.

  4. Send a press release featuring some of your best Father’s Day products – things that celebrate all things Dad like barbecues, beers, fun novelty gifts or something sentimental.

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