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Why do journalists need high resolution images?
Why do journalists need high resolution images?

Make sure you have your images are press-ready before uploading them on your account.

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The quality or "resolution" of your images is so important - if your images are low res, journalists won't be able to use them for print as the images will be blurry or pixelated once printed. For high-quality printing results, journalists need high-res images.

Before showcasing your images on the Image Library, you'll need to make sure your images are press-ready. 

Our minimum specs for images are:

  • 300dpi

  • JPEG

  • Minimum 100kb (although we recommend aiming for at least 1MB if you can!)

  • Max 8MB

  • Minimum 1 million pixels (eg 1000x1000 pixels)

With that image size and definition, journalists will be able to use your images straight away and use them in their print articles or online.

What is Image Resolution?

The resolution of an image refers to the number of pixels in an image.
For print images, you'll need to have images of 300DPI (Dots per Inch), this will allow your images to be clean and crisp once printed on paper.  


These examples show you how a low resolution image (above) will appear 'pixelated' when magnified to the same size as an image of a higher resolution (below).
You can clearly see in this example the difference between the same high-res and low-res image. Journalists won't be able to use the first one in print as it's blurry, but will be able to use the second one :)

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