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Tips for sharing your press room
Tips for sharing your press room
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Creating an online press room should be an important component of your PR and marketing strategy. The easier you make it for journalist to write about your product, brand, etc. the more you may generate coverage.

Journalists and bloggers often work during weekends and out of hours when your PR team is not available, so having your content and images available 24/7 on your press room will guarantee they have everything they need in order to write about you and your products. It will make their life easier!

We have put together a few tips for sharing your press room!

1. Add your press room to your website. 

Add the link of your Press Room to your website. If you don’t have a “press session” to your website, it’s a good idea to add one as this is really going to help drive traffic to your press page. 

Having your press page available on your website will help journalists and bloggers visiting your website find all of the information they need to feature your products - they don’t need to go back and forth with your PR team, but can get the content straight from your website. 

2. Add your Press Room to your email signature. 

Make sure that your PR and marketing teams add the link of your Press Room to their email signature. Journalists they are talking to will then be able to click on the link and access high-res images and latest news. 

3. Share your Press Room on social media 

Sharing your press room with your audience will simply increase your chances of your audience (journalists, influencers…) viewing your content and maybe sharing it!

4. Add the links of your press room on your press release 

If you are about to send a press release, make sure you include the link to your press room on your press release.

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