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What payment cards can I use?

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We are using Stripe to proceed your payment. Stripe accepts all major credit and debit cards.

We accept the following payment options:

  • Visa

  • Visa Debit

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

All credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorisation to maintain security and prevent fraud.

When will payment be taken?

If your card is authorised, we’ll send you an email confirming your order has been successful. Payment will then be taken upon dispatch.

If your card is not authorised, payment will not be taken and we’ll email you to let you know that your bank or card issuer wouldn’t authorise the payment.

Please take great care to enter all your details accurately during checkout, as often incorrect or incomplete information can result in your bank or card issuer declining payment.

If you’re unsure why your payment is declined, please contact your card issuer or bank.

Your membership term will begin on opening day and your first monthly payment will have been processed at time of joining.

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