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Share your content with your own contacts
Share your content with your own contacts

Step-by-step guide to inviting your contacts to access your content on Press Loft

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With the "Share" option on Press Loft, you are able to share your images directly with your designers, buyers, marketing teams, journalists, remote teams, etc.
Our network of journalists will still be able to access and use your images, but "Share" allows you to extend the use of your account to different parts of your business.

For example, if you have PR teams abroad that need to access your images on a regular basis, you can use "Share" to invite them to access your images or perhaps marketing teams, social media managers, resellers. You'll see who has access to your images and control that. All downloads will be tracked on your account.

Here are the few steps to share your content with your own contacts:

Step 1: Log in to Press Loft on Desktop

On a laptop or desktop, go to and login to your account using your email and password.

Step 2: Go to icon Share

When you logged into your account, click the "Share" icon.

Step 3: Click on Share your content

On the right-hand side of that page, you'll see the button "Share your content" - click and follow the instructions below.

Step 4: Start inviting people from your network and share your content

You have 2 options to invite your contacts to access your content:

  • 1 - Share the link to your contacts and they sign up

  • 2 - Invite your contacts from Press Loft - add a single email or multiple addresses separated by comma and press enter or click on "+"

If you decide to share the link with your contacts, simply copy the link and send it to your contacts via email. The user will see your Request Access page - they need to fill in the form and then click Request Access.

Every time someone wants to access your content, you'll be notified by email and you'll need to approve each request from your account.

You can then accept and decline everyone that wants to access your content. You'll keep full control of who has access to your images.

2- Using Press Loft to send invites

If you would like to send invites to your contacts via Press Loft, simply enter each email address separated by a comma, and click on "+":

The contact(s) you have entered will receive an email invite to access your content.

You'll see below, who has access to your images and can decline or delete them whenever you wish by clicking on the Edit icon:

You can then change the user's status to deactivated where their download data is still stored in your account. Or delete user access which means the user and their data is deleted from your account, this cannot be undone.


Please note: If the invited person is a journalist and a member of our network, you can invite the user but they cannot be declined from viewing your images unless you change your account to a restricted access account.


Images on the Request Access page are pulled from your Design Settings page if you have two selected. If you do not have any images, or 1 selected, the system will automatically select your most downloaded images.

You can watch the full demo video here:


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