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Studio dashboard

What is the Studio dashboard?

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What is the Studio dashboard?

The Studio dashboard is the first thing you will see when you click on Studio from your Press Loft main dashboard.
The Studio dashboard is where you have access to all of the social media templates, designs created for you, and the newest templates available to use. Your dashboard will show you everything that is happening in Studio.

Your dashboard will get you started with your design journey:

Let's look at the different content you can access on your dashboard.

Designs created for you

At the top of your dashboard, you'll see some designs called 'created for you'. Those designs have been automatically created for you and are updated each week. Press Loft uses a colour detection tool and renders the images for you.

If you haven't yet added images into your Press Loft account, this will be empty for you but don't worry, as soon as you add some images, we will start generating content for you.

Your recent creations

Next on your dashboard, will be your recent creation. This will quickly show you everything you have been working on. You can edit your recent creations by clicking on them.

If you don't see this option, don't worry! It is just because you haven't created any designs yet. As soon as your design is created, 'Your recent creations' will show on your dashboard.

New blank post

On your dashboard, you'll also have the option to create your design from scratch. Once you have selected the channel you are designing for, you'll be able to select templates, shapes, images, etc.


We have created over 270 templates for you. Those templates are designed to inspire you to create content that attracts the maximum engagement (shares/likes/comments) for your posts.
From Instagram templates, moodboards, 'get the looks', roomsets, new product launches and coverage templates, you have plenty to choose from.

Those templates will make your products look beautiful and engage your audience!

Here are a few examples of the things you can create content for: Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook cover photo, Facebook story, Facebook post, Twitter header photo, Twitter in-stream photo, Snapchat post, Pinterest pin, A4, blog header, blog image, art, block colour, colour palettes, coverage, moodboards, 'New in', print room, sales.

My designs

At the top of your dashboard, you'll also find the 'My designs' tab. This is for you to access all of your past designs. You'll be able to continue working on them, change the content, rename your design, etc.

Brand kit

From your dashboard, you can also create your brand kit. This will be extremely useful once you start designing content for your social media channel.

On your brand page, you can pick and choose your brand font(s), pick your brand colours, and upload your logo.

Those will be saved for you and when you start designing your content, you'll be able to access those in one click. You can find the full article about the brand kit here.

How do I return to my dashboard after I have created my content?

You can return to your dashboard at any time by clicking the 'My designs' link in global navigation.

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