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Studio brand kit
Studio brand kit

All the details of your brand identity in one place.

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The Studio brand kit is the place where you can input your brand font, colours and logos. This then makes them available to use in your designs within the Studio editor.

You can edit this both on the dashboard and within the Studio editor.

From the Studio dashboard head to the brand kit section at the top:

To add fonts - Click the purple plus icon to and you can then select from over 900 fonts. To remove, simply hover over the font and click the minus icon.

You can select colours using our colour picker or hex code. Once you have chosen click the purple tick box to add it to your brand kit. Again, to remove, hover over the font and click the minus icon.

You can also add your logo in JPEG format. Click 'Add your logo' and then select a file from your local hard drive. Again, to remove the logo, hover over the font and click the minus icon.

If you are in the editor, you can edit and access your brand kit in the left-hand menu:

Once you have made your selections, you can then add your font, colour or text to your design.

The brand colours are visible in the colour picker in the editor:

The fonts will appear in the brand font section:

You can add your logo to your designs from the brand kit section:

This is currently only available to clients, not journalists and influencers.

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