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Using the image library in Studio - brand
Using the image library in Studio - brand
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The image library option in Studio's editor means you can use images from your image library in your designs, making it quick and easy to create beautiful content with your product images.

All of your images are visible in the image library section, both hidden and live images. As the image library cap does not include hidden images, you can add more images and leave them hidden without needing a larger membership.

To add images to your design either click for it to load into the centre of the design or drag the image into place.

If you want to replace an image in a design, dragging the new image over the top of the old one will replace it.

If you want to filter the images in the search you can use the 'Filter' option to the right of the search box.

You can also use the 'Sort' option at the bottom.

Once you have selected the filters press 'Show results'.

There is also a 'Reset filter' option to clear all filters at the bottom.

You can see which images are in your design here:

You can also add images to your basket from the main image library (journalist) or your press office (brand) and you will see them here:

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