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What happens if I don’t credit an image?
What happens if I don’t credit an image?
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Press Loft is a free online resource for journalists, bloggers and influencers. You can download images from hundreds of beautiful interior brands, read press releases, find inspiration for your feature and create visual content for your blog, magazine or social channel using Press Loft's Studio.

Press Loft is free, but when you are using content from Press Loft and creating content using Studio, you need to provide full and correct information to accompany your blog article, social media post, magazine, and anywhere else you might use the content.

Having correct credit information also helps your audience, followers and readers to find where to buy the products, read about the brand, etc.

If you fail or forgot to credit a client, then you are contravening the brand's copyright and they may choose to take further action. We take the correct crediting of our brand's images seriously and so your account on Press Loft will also be closed until the credits are added.

Feel free to reach out to the Press Loft team if you have any questions regarding crediting:

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