Hiding and unhiding images
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Hiding an image

If you'd like to remove an image from the live site temporarily but don't wish to delete it completely, hiding is a great option. This can be really useful if a product is out of stock or if you have seasonal products that are only relevant during a certain time of the year.

The hiding option removes images from the main Image Library so journalists won't be able to see them but you will be able to access and edit them as usual, plus you won't lose access to the download and click-through stats for those images.

To hide products, simply select the images that you would like to action this for, then click the little eye icon in the toolbar and confirm.

Hidden images are marked with a little purple icon, and you can filter your image library by Hidden Images only.

Unhiding an image

To set an image live again that you have previously hidden, simply select the hidden image that you would like to showcase again and hit the unhide button on the toolbar.

If you have reached your live image cap, you won't be able to unhide any further images.

If this happens you can either hide more images to free up some space, or upgrade your image library.

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