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When I sign up for a package do I lose my existing images?
When I sign up for a package do I lose my existing images?

What happens to my images after switching to a full membership?

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All images including their description, keywords and associated categories remain on your account to guarantee a smooth transition to a full Press Loft membership.

Depending on which package you sign up for, you can showcase between 10 and 500 images in the library (get in touch if you need more!)

And what happens to my press releases?

To keep press releases live on your profile after the free trial, you need to subscribe to a press release service (Standard, Premium, or purchase the monthly press releases add-on). Any press releases that you sent during your trial will then automatically appear on the live site and press release section on

If you subscribe to an image library package only, we will still save your press releases in case you'd like to reactivate them in the future.

You can read more about packages and image caps here.

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