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Can I pay for a membership by invoice?
Can I pay for a membership by invoice?

Find out about our payment methods and invoice option

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Monthly memberships are paid via credit or debit card on Press Loft. We do not currently offer Direct Debit, Paypal or invoice as payment methods.

Annual memberships, however, can be paid via invoice.

You can read more about our membership options here.

To pay for a membership via invoice, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on SELECT PLAN on your account dashboard

Step2: Click on Annual

(this 30% offer is only available if signing up for annual before the end of your trial)

Step 3: Select your package

Step 4: Instead of confirming, click on Pay by invoice instead:

Step 5: Enter your billing details and agree to the terms

Step 6: Click Commit to pay by invoice and your account will be immediately updated.

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