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Do Press Loft members need to send press releases?
Do Press Loft members need to send press releases?

Is it worth spending time writing press releases as a Press Loft member?

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At Press Loft we automate PR for brands and agencies, making it easy to generate press coverage without knowing any journalists. Our network consists of over 25,000 journalists, bloggers and influencers who can access your high-res images on Press Loft for their articles, social media posts and more. Taking this into consideration, is it still worth spending time writing a catchy press release?

Definitely! Press releases are a great way to get your products and brand name out there. They allow you to shout about new launches, highlight how your products fit into upcoming trends or make the perfect gift for upcoming holidays such as Mother's or Father's Day and Christmas.

Also between 10-15 per cent of Press Loft's downloads come from press releases so spending time on them to make sure they are as eye-catching as possible is definitely worth it.

Whilst we don't write press releases, we have several help articles guiding you through the process and giving top tips on how to write a killer press release. We also read over and make sure all images are live on Press Loft before sending them out to our network so will reach out if we spot anything that needs further editing.

If press releases are not part of your membership you can add them as either a one-off at £45 or monthly for £35 p/m. You can do this via your dashboard but if you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at

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