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Can Press Loft work for brands who sell solely on marketplaces?
Can Press Loft work for brands who sell solely on marketplaces?

How Press Loft can help brands who only sell on marketplaces

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Sometimes investing time and money into your own website just isn't possible, especially when there are such great marketplace sites out there such as Etsy, Not On The Highstreet, Amazon and more.

If you are a brand who sells solely on marketplaces Press Loft is still a great idea!

Press Loft automates PR for brands and agencies, making it easy to generate press coverage without knowing any journalists regardless of your brand size and where you sell your gorgeous products.

Image Library

Our image library is our main feature and this is where most of our downloads come from. Our network use our image library to find high-res images for their upcoming articles, social media posts and more. As a brand who sells only on marketplaces this will not impact where your images are placed in the image library search results. As long as you have gorgeous, eye-catching images with great keywords your images will do the work for themselves and catch the attention of our network.

In terms of your stockist, this can be your Etsy shop for example and journalists will feature that if they use your images and products.

Press releases

Are press releases of any use to brands who sell on marketplaces? Absolutely. Press releases are a great way to get your brand name out there to our network regardless of where you sell products. As long as your press release has eye-catching images and really showcases your products they are always worth the time and effort to create. Between 10-15 per cent of our downloads come from press releases so they really are an excellent way to shout about new launches, your brand in general or how well your products fit into current trends or as gifts for upcoming holidays such as Father's or Mother's Day or Christmas.

Journalist Requests

On Press Loft our network can submit journalist requests when they are looking for high-res images to include in their articles. This can be a really positive and effective way of getting your products out there, directly in front of our network. Submitting images to these requests when your products fit the brief is a great way of getting your brand and products out there and potentially getting some coverage!

So if you do sell beautiful products within the interiors and design, lifestyle and gifting sectors on a marketplace why not sign up to our free 60-day trial and give Press Loft a go? Or if you have already trialled everything we have to offer at Press Loft and want to sign up to one of our memberships please do this via your dashboard, or get in touch with one of our team at who will be happy to help.

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