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Cancelling access to the affiliate network (BRANDS)
Cancelling access to the affiliate network (BRANDS)

How can I opt out of the network?

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You can opt out at any time... no hard feelings. Opting out of the network simply means that we will disable affiliate access on your account and stop our media network from generating new links.

Do I need to give any notice?

Yes, we do require 60 days written notice to We have this measure in place in order to give journalists enough notice to remove your links.

Am I still required to pay commission during the notice period?

Our media users won't be able to generate new links, but you are still required to pay any commission for sales generated through the active affiliate links during the notice period. Media users might not be able to remove the links right away, so they are still entitled to commission.

What about the add-on fee?

You still need to pay the add-on fee during the notice period, so if you'd like to opt out, please let us know as soon as you consider it.

If you have any questions, please message us using the chat function or by emailing us on 😊.

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