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Will I still get coverage if I don't join the affiliate network? (BRANDS)
Will I still get coverage if I don't join the affiliate network? (BRANDS)

What if I don't join?

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You might have reasons for not wanting to join the affiliate network and rest assured, journalists will still download and feature your images as normal if you donโ€™t join.

Which journalists choose affiliate links?

Large publications typically have an editorial team (traditional press coverage) and an e-commerce team (scouting for affiliate links). Influencers and bloggers generally choose a mixture of editorial and affiliate content to feature, depending on their typical content strategy. Any media writing editorial articles will continue to download and feature brands as normal via Press Loft, but there is currently a huge increase in investment from large publishers to hire more affiliate writers. These publications are generating large revenues from the products they are recommending with affiliate links. As a result, they are writing more affiliate articles, so there is a massive opportunity to increase the coverage (and most importantly sales) from affiliate articles.

How will Press Loft support members that don't join the network?

Our support will remain the same, no matter whether you are part of the network or not. We're happy to help all our members whenever needed.

I don't know if affiliate marketing is right for me.

If you're unsure whether affiliate marketing is right for your brand, please contact us using the chat function or by emailing us on and we'll be happy to help ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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