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Submitting a clawback (BRANDS)
Submitting a clawback (BRANDS)

Order was cancelled/refunded or from another affiliate source?

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We know that customers can change their mind sometimes when it comes to a purchase - that's why we've put a few safeguarding measures in place, so you don't pay commission when you shouldn't have to.

What is a clawback?

A clawback is an affiliate term which means you can 'claw back' the commission owed to the publisher. To ensure fair compensation for our publishers, we only permit clawbacks for one of two reasons:

  1. De-duplication - If you are a member of another affiliate programme and the last click before the sale was from the other network.

2. Refunds - The customer registers a return within 14 days from the purchase.

If either of those reasons apply to you, then you are allowed to submit a clawback to decline paying a publisher commission.

How do I submit a clawback?

First things first, you need to keep any proof you have, because when submitting a clawback, you will have to upload evidence.

You need to log in to your Press Loft account > Affiliate > View your stats (located on the left-hand side menu).

Then, you need to find the purchase that needs to be declined commission from the 'Sales and Payments' table:

Once you've found the sale, click on the three dots located on the right and select 'Decline':

Here you will be able to submit your evidence and provide more information as to why you are declining payment:

Am I obligated to pay commission to the publisher?

Yes. You are legally obliged to pay the commission on sales which media members have earned for you. You should only ever decline to pay commission on orders which have been cancelled or refunded, or if the commission has been duplicated from another affiliate provider.

Please note that high levels of declined commission will affect your approval score, which might make media less likely to feature you.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether you are eligible for a clawback, please contact us via the chat function or by email on and we'll be happy to help 😊.

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